FA 6048

A proprietary fuel additive which consistently converts skeptics into customers. FA 6048 improves lubricity, increases fuel efficiency, decreases maintenance costs and reduces environmental contamination. 100% money back guarantee. Call 321.221.7091 for more details.

About Us

Fuel Additives, LLC

Our advanced fuel additives were originally developed for an extraordinarily high intensity application. Over time, the fuel additives were modified for commercial applications. A wide range of companies utilize our fuel additives in a variety of industries. Benefits include increased fuel efficiency, lower parts maintenance, less frequent parts replacement and lower levels of emissions and pollution.

Fuel Additives, LLC products are based on formulas developed and refined over the past thirty years.


Christopher Walker. He has more than thirty years of experience in sales, marketing and management with various consumer and financial services firms.

Joseph Walker. He has more than thirty years of experience as a line check pilot, flight examiner, simulator instructor and pilot for aircraft including: B727, B757, B767, B767ER, MD11, A300, A310, all Cessna’s, Beechcraft & Pipers.